New year, new goals

Mitchell Brooker-Smith is planning how to build on a successful year and maintain the momentum of his shooting career.

Mitchell is looking forward to working with coach Des Davies again

As Christmas approached, things at school finally became a bit quieter. Less schoolwork means more more free time – and more free time means time for training! 

Leading up to Christmas was a busy couple of months for me. There were days when I had the time and wanted to go training, but had to stay at home and knuckle down at my schoolwork.

If it wasn’t school, then it was the weather – often it has been too dark to do any good quality training. Still, I’m hoping that now with a bit more time on my hands I can focus more time on shooting and the other things that really interest me. 

The New Year is a time for planning ahead, and I have been thinking about some goals that I could set myself to make this year even more productive than the last. 2019 was the year that I earned my place on the Great Britain team, and I would very much like to carry on the form needed to keep my place in the team.

Schoolwork had to take priority, but Mitchell is getting back into training

I have won some amazing silverware and titles over the past 12 months, but with that comes the challenge of keeping those titles. I would like to win back as many of those trophies and medals as I can – but I would also like to stretch myself a bit further and aim for some senior titles at our domestic events. 

Outside of shooting, I am trying new hobbies and skills which I am hoping I can use to my advantage later in life. One skill that has always intrigued me is taxidermy – indeed that was one of the key factors that led me to shooting.

I’m very much in love with countryside sports such as game shooting and having seen the artistic way that taxidermists bring life back to dead creatures always interested me. I am going on a course in March 2020 where I will get the training to develop that interest. 

Mitchell will have to fight to retain his titles and trophies in 2020

I am really looking forward to working again with my coach Des Davies, who I must say has been a great support to me and has given me so much of his time.  We have an excellent training relationship, and he has given me a wealth of knowledge in this amazing sport.

There’s nothing to report on the competition front, as the season is over. Next month, however, I look forward to sharing what’s coming up and how my training is going. 

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