Grass roots call for George Digweed to be knighted gathering pace

After winning his third world championship in four months, an online petition on to get George Digweed knighted has attracted the support of hundreds of shooters.

Picture by Aleksandra Voltseva

Picture by Aleksandra Voltseva

Brett Woollacott started the campaign after posting a Facebook picture to highlight George’s achievements after he won his 24th world championship. But three months and two world championships later, Brett is taking his support one step further by starting a petition addressed to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat.

Brett said: “I didn’t anticipate getting the amazing response that I got from the post in April. It was quite humbling that I had managed to strike cord with so many people and had got the message seen by so many. I had been contemplating starting the Sir George petition after he won his 25th championship, but decided to wait and see if he managed to do the treble this year.”

People are honoured on the Queen’s birthday and New Year’s Day, and any person must be nominated officially using the government’s guidelines. This will be the next step in Brett’s campaign for George Digweed to be accepted as part of the Queen’s Honours List.

Brett will let the petition run for a period and collate the details when it’s appropriate and send the evidence off on an official application. “My hope is that when the nomination is reviewed, that the people reviewing it will take into consideration the support shown for George on the petition.”

If you want to show support for George, visit the website and sign the petition.

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One comment on “Grass roots call for George Digweed to be knighted gathering pace
  1. Ian Lockwood says:

    If any sports competitor deserves recognition for there contribution to sport then it is George Digweed.
    His record over the years is second to non, and his achievements unsurpassed.

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