Colt winner shoots for the top

16-year-old Jake Moore has been shooting for four years and this year won a host of competition titles more experienced shots would hanker for

Who got you into shooting?
I used to help out on a beat in our village and got the chance to shoot on a beaters day, where I instantly got hooked on shooting. In order to shoot out of the beating season I tried shooting clays, joined a local club and found it completely addictive.

How do you cope with the pressures of competitions?
I used to find the pressure quite tough, but now I just tend not to worry about it too much and tell myself it is just a practice shoot.
How does it feel to be shooting Senior scores?
It feels really good, you get noticed a lot more when you start to beat some of the Seniors and they tend to help me out when I’m struggling with a target, which is always encouraging.

What gun and cartridges do you shoot?
I am really lucky to have a Krieghoff K80, which my dad bought me, and I use a variety of cartridges but prefer to shoot with Eley.

Do you look up to anyone in shooting?
The person I most admire is Philip Thorrold, he is a great shot and always appears relaxed when he’s shooting – and he has a really good attitude.

Do other people in the family shoot?
Yes, my dad shoots with me, as well as being my chauffeur, financer and biggest fan. My younger brother comes shooting occasionally too and my older brother is an underkeeper – so he’s lucky, it comes with his job.
My family is supportive in a relaxed way, which helps to keep me in the real world. My dad often sets me challenges and tries his best to compete alongside me.

What are your best wins so far?
So far I have won: The English Open Sporting Colts and C Class, the Clay Shooting Classic Colts and the East Midlands Skeet championships. Amongst others!

What disciplines do you shoot – do you have a favourite?
I shoot a variety of disciplines, Sporting, Sportrap and FITASC are the main ones, my favourite definitely has to be FITASC.

What are your future aspirations?
To win a Juniors gold medal in either the European championship or the world championships within the next three years.

What competitions would you like to win next year?
I would love to win the British Grand Prix FITASC Junior competition as I came second this year, and the British Open Sporting.

If you could have any gun in the world what would you have?
It would still have to be a Krieghoff K80, just with the new style engraving, I love the way they handle, and their chunkiness.

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