Clay-busting Christmas gifts for under £100

It’s the ‘12 clays of Christmas’ and we’re feeling more festive than ever, with a seasonal stash of 14 budget sporting gifts for the clay shooting lover.

1. Teague Chokes

Price: £22

Where to buy:

What better gift can there be than accurate shooting? Made of high-tensile stainless steel and available for all major brands of shotgun, Teague’s precision chokes ensure consistent patterns, which will translate into consistent results, with little or no chance of clays ‘flying through’ an accurate shot.

2. Garlands Leather Cartridge Bag

Price: £59.95

Where to buy:

Practical shooting equipment can often be a good gift for those who appreciate useable gear more than tokens. Made entirely from leather, this cartridge bag has enough capacity for 75-100 cartridges, which are held securely until needed with robust bridle strap fastenings.

3. Shotgun cartridge glasses

Price: £80

Where to buy:

Sure to be a talking point in the clubhouse, these pewter-based shot glasses come presented in a novelty partitioned case, complete with leather trimming and combination lock. When the case is closed and buckled up, a handle on top makes for easy carrying.

4. Macwet Climatec gloves

Price: £29.99

Where to buy:

These gloves have as much universal appeal as ever – use them for shooting, photography, golf, equestrianism, you name it. They won’t impede trigger grip, and will still allow you to use a smartphone – clever stuff indeed. Pictured here are the long-cuff option; you can also get them with a short cuff, as well as a micromesh model.

5. British Shooting Show tickets

Price: £17 (one day adult advance)

Where to buy:

The UK’s biggest indoor shooting and field sports event moves to the NEC this year, promising even more growth and features at one of the UK’s flagship venues. It’s also the show’s 10th outing, and more gun trade giants than ever are expected to attend on 16-18 February. There’s also free parking, a free show guide, and discounted tickets available if you head online to book now.

6. CF Duo earplugs

Price: £99

Where to buy:

Give the gift of long-lasting hearing protection – book your loved one a fitting for a pair of custom earplugs. Pictured here are Custom Fit Guards’ best-selling CF Duos, which add a rocker switch to the standard passive earplug design. So with the flick of a switch, you can block out a whole lot more noise, allowing you to concentrate fully when taking a shot – then switch back so you can hear ambient noise when off the firing point.

7. 12-bore wallet

Price: From £29

Where to buy:

This isn’t just a standard leather wallet – it’s got a real shooting theme thanks to the spent cartridge embossed in its centre. The wallet itself is a leather hand-crafted design with a silk lining for a luxury feel, while multiple interior sleeves maximise its utility. Available in black or brown, it can be customised with the recipient’s initials.

8. Beretta Classic Shirt

Price: £59.95

Where to buy:

You’ll certainly look the part in the great British outdoors wearing one of these shirts, but they’re more than that. They are also fantastically hard-wearing and comfortable, with a poly-cotton construction. Available in mustard, pink and white, beige or red pattern.

9. Rottweil Cartridge Thermos

Price: £24.99

Where to buy:

Based on the Waidmannsheil cartridge from Rottweil, this flask will give you the much-appreciated gift of a warm and toasty mug of coffee or soup at hand when you’re on the shooting ground. Its design makes it a talking point, too. The lid can be used as a cup.

10. Harkila Sporting Estate Socks

Price: £64.99

Where to buy:

Socks for Christmas may be a cliché, but when it’s these magnificent traditional shooting socks, the recipient is unlikely to mind too much. Featuring compression to aid the wearer’s circulation, they’ll do the business on any winter shoot, and are available with bronze or pink trim.

11. Alan Paine gift set

Price: £34.95

Where to buy:

This matching set comprises a pure leather wallet and matching key fob, each embossed with the Alan Paine crest. The set comes packaged in a branded Alan Paine gift box, making it a good option for those shopping at the last minute for the shooter in their life.

12. Seeland cartridge pen

Price: £10.99

Where to buy:

A great stocking filler item, these extendable magnetic pens fit in a shirt pocket, and can be used to pick up at least six spent cartridges at a time. A great practical solution for those looking to tidy up after themselves on the clay ground without constantly bending over.

13. Trophy boresnake

Price: From £9.99

Where to buy:

A hassle-free way to clean a shotgun barrel (or rifle for that matter – it’s a universal tool), this bore snake has an integrated bronze brush to loosen fouling, dirt and deposits, which are then picked up by the woven cotton floss. It’s available in eight sizes, including the major shotgun bores.

14. Clay Shooting Magazine Subscription

Price:£43.25 (full year)

Where to buy:

The perfect gift for clay shooting lovers! Every issue is packed full of reviews, interviews, tips and advice to up your game, so why not have it conveniently dropped off on your doorstep for a discounted price?

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