Best clay shotguns for 2020 – Beckie McKenzie’s picks

We asked ladies’ champion and clay coach Becky to list the guns she recommends for shooters at all different levels.

This is my selection of eight clay shooting guns, which ranges from firearms ideal for the beginner through intermediate and up to the competitive clay shooter.

I have chosen these guns because I have tried and like them, they feel good in the hand, they are reliable and have a good warranty period. These guns have all proved themselves over time.

Some of the clients I coach use these guns, and some of them I have recommended to clients and had positive feedback. Enjoy my selection!


Kofs Sceptre

Manufactured in Turkey, one of the most eyecatching things about the Kofs is the price: at around £375 used, and £450 upwards new, it makes a great beginner’s gun.

I saw the Kofs at the British Shooting Show this year, and was mightily impressed by the quality for an exceptionally low price. The .410 Youth Gun is ideal for the younger beginner – a multichoke ejector with a short 13in stock and 26in barrels.

Kofs guns also come in 28, 20 and 12 gauge, with various barrel lengths and upgrades available. I highly recommend this one for the beginner who is on a budget.


ATA SP Silver

Here’s another Turkish gem. The 12 gauge ATA SP series of guns are available in two different actions: steel and a lighter aluminium. They have a single selective trigger, ejectors and multichokes, with an all-important adjustable comb available too.

Barrel lengths are available in 26, 28 and 30ins, and the gun weighs in from 6lb 3oz to 7lb 12oz for the 12g 30in. I have tried one of these, and perceived recoil is relatively low even though it’s a fairly lightweight gun. Prices range from £450 used to £595 upwards new. It’s an excellent price for the quality of this gem.


Fausti XF4 Sporter

I have recently had the opportunity to test the Fausti XF4 Sporter, and was well impressed – you can read all about that on page 42 of this issue. I tried this gun in both 30in and 32in models, and both handled very well. This is a real quality Italian gun, with low recoil – a pleasure to shoot clays with.

The action on the XF4 comes in three colours: black, gold or platinum. This makes no difference to the gun’s performance, it’s just a personal preference.

Barrel lengths of 28, 30 and 32ins are available, and it’s also now available in a lovely 20 bore too.

Zoli Kronos

Zoli Kronos

I shot a Zoli Z Sport for over seven years, and it is an absolutely cracking gun, so I have to recommend the Kronos, which offers real value for money for this Italian gun. The Kronos has polished internals, while the Z Sport is titanium nitride coated. That doesn’t take anything away from the Kronos.

The barrel’s pattern is second to none – it has low perceived recoil and is generally just a nice handling gun. There’s a variety of barrel lengths and stock configurations available. The RRP is from £3,495 and it comes with a five year warranty.

Browning B725 Sporting

Browning B725 Sporting

Surprisingly this is a gun I have never shot; however I know plenty of shooters who own them and absolutely rave about them. The New Sporter 725 has a lower profile action, mechanical trigger, Vector Pro back-bored vented barrels, new Invector DS chokes (with the double seal), and a beavertail fore-end. There are various grades of wood available. RRP is £1,825 upwards.

Beretta 694 Sporter

Beretta 694 Sporter

The 694 is one of the newest models produced by Beretta. It has a similar styling to the DT11, with new stock dimensions, and it comes with stock weights so you can balance the gun to suit your style.

It’s sold in an ABS case, with five Optima HP chokes and a spare slim micropore heel pad. I’ve had a quick try with one my client bought; this one in particular came with an adjustable comb. It moved smoothly, and had low recoil too. RRP starts from £3,295.

Kreighoff K80 Super Sporter

Kreighoff K80 Super Sporter

Obviously, I have to pick this gun as my No.1 choice of competition gun, as I own one! The K80 really is one of those ‘Marmite’ guns – you either like it or you don’t. It has a much longer action that most on the market, but I like that.

It’s a really low recoil clay basher, and once you balance up a Kreighoff, it moves as smooth as silk. I have 30in barrels on mine. I did start with 32ins, but for me and the way I had balanced the gun, 30ins is better. The K80 comes in an Americase with five titanium chokes.

The Super Sporter has a titanium trigger and barrel hanger, is available in various barrel lengths and different styles of actions, with some absolutely stunning engravings to be had.

It’s the top dog for me and has won many titles over the years. Prices start at £5,000 for a used gun, and the RRP new is somewhere north of £10,000.

Perazzi Hi Tech

Perazzi Hi Tech

I have shot a couple of versions of the Perazzi Hi Tech. It’s a very fast handling gun, and in fact the speed of it took me by surprise – it was quite effortless to move around.

This gun has nice timber, and offers the shooter barrel lengths of 30ins and 32ins. Fixed chokes or multichokes are available. The S version has upgraded wood. RRP is £8,500 upwards.

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One comment on “Best clay shotguns for 2020 – Beckie McKenzie’s picks
  1. Roger Miller says:

    I like Browning ultra XS prestige all you need in one gun ,I have had lots of different guns always go back to Browning,easy to fix ultra reliable.

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