Balancing Shooting with exams w/ Leah Southall

Leah Southall will have her work cut out as she ramps up her shooting and tackles her AS exams.

Leah appreciates her sponsors’ support and hopes to do them proud this season

This year marks my fourth year of shooting – I started in March 2016 – and 2020 is also going to be my biggest, from trying out for the England DTL team once again, to competing in the World DTL Championships!

It’s going to be an extremely busy year for me as I will be trying to balance my shooting with my AS Level exams which will determine whether or not I will continue onto the second year of my courses. 

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have received sponsorship from Eley Hawk for the 2020 season, and I am very grateful to be sponsored by such a prestigious company for a third year! I hope to continue to do all of my sponsors proud for the 2020 season!

My first real shoot of 2020 was the 4th DTL Winter Series at East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground on 5 January. I had done a bit of training on 3 January with my coach, Phil Morgan, where we ironed out a few issues, so I felt quite confident going into the competition. That was until I came down with the flu!

Despite seeing double and not being able to stop sneezing, I decided to compete because I didn’t want to miss out on a competition. All I can really say about this shoot is that it didn’t go to plan. I was gutted that I didn’t get the 2020 season off to a great start, but I can only improve, and as they say, it’s onwards and upwards and on to the next shoot!

On 18 January, I went to use some of my Laporte/CPC sponsored clays at Mid Wales Shooting Centre, to try to get my head back in the right place after a few issues I had experienced with my personal life during the week. I find that shooting is a great thing to do in order to take your mind off things.

A dose of flu meant Leah’s year didn’t get off to a great start

As it turned out, I shot the best that I have done in a while, which just proves my theory that shooting does help you take your mind off things. I can honestly say that I felt much better after I shot. 

On 25 January I returned to Mid Wales Shooting Centre to use some more of those sponsored clays. I was extremely pleased with how I shot and how my kills were, and I was even more pleased that I did not miss a single target all day!

By the time you read this the CPSA Awards will have been announced, but as I write I am looking forward to the evening at the Belfry Hotel & Resort, as well as looking beyond to the various competitions that I will be entering, to get some more scores in and, I hope, be able to compete in the England selection shoots. 

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