10 Gun care essentials

Family, friends and loved ones may not understand, but we get it – the shotgun is the most important thing in your life. So we’ve got some great gun care equipment to help you keep it in mint condition

Clay guns aren’t cheap, so protecting your gear is essential!

1. Harkila leather gun slip

This new item from one of the world’s finest quality outdoor brands, Harkila, is attracting a lot of attention. It is made of 100 per cent waxed, distressed leather with a padded shoulder strap and a reliable YKK zip. At 135cm long, it is plenty big enough to hold those long Trap-shotgun barrels, and there is a matching cartridge bag available to buy for £119.99 if you’re into your gear looking sharp.

2. Albion Sporting Virtue Collection

This lightweight gun slip features water resistant canvas and natural leather trim. The design incorporates a hand stitched blocked end while a fleece lining encases the gun. It has a robust coil zip, fully adjustable sling and brass fittings. The slips have a total inside length 50 inches and are available in forest green and desert sand colour schemes.

3. Browning Defender 10

Browing defender

Browning’s Defender range of safes comes in sizes with capacity for 10 to 23 guns. All models other than the 10-gun safe have a removable, lockable ammunition box. The Defender has an electronic lock and is fire resistant, offering 30 minutes protection against temperatures up to 760°C. Its body is plated with 3mm thick steel, while the door is 3.5mm thick. Browning safes have nine one-inch diameter locking bolts, six outer and three inner. And pre-drilled mounting holes aid installation in your home.

4. DJS Gun Cabinets

These durable hammer grey cabinets feature a fully welded construction made from 2mm thick steel and seven lever action locks with anti-jemmy return. The double skinned door has a concealed hinge and an anti-lever flange. Inside is a floor mat for gun protection and foam rubber dividers. Plus 24-hour direct delivery to the customer can be arranged upon request.

5. Brattonsound 4/5 Gun with Internal Locking Top Box

Brattonsound 4/5 Gun with Internal Locking Top Box

Brattonsound Gunsafes are built and independently tested to British Standard BS 7558/92 for gun security. The SL5+ model is designed to fit four or five guns and also includes an internal lockable safe for ammunition or other valuables. The safe measures 1515cm x 268cm x 271cm and weighs 38kg. All Brattonsound Gunsafes are covered by a three-year warranty.

6. Balindore gun safe

Balindore gun safe

Balindore’s bespoke, hand built gun safes can be designed to any cabinet style, housing a stainless steel gun safe with an electronic locking system. The leather-lined safes are mainly built in walnut, but can be constructed from a selection of woods to match the aesthetic character of the room where they are installed. The largest versions can house up to 180 guns for the keenest of shooters.

7. 21st Century Antiques

21st century antiques gun cabinet

Having a large, metal bulk taking room out of your much-needed cupboard space is unsightly and frustrating, but 21st Century Antiques has, for the past 45 years, been protecting valuable guns in unique ways. Disguised as useful furniture, the Model 302 known as the Escritoire is one example that has been designed as an 18th century writing bureau. It can accommodate 12 guns and the cabinets boast 3mm thick steel, lined using green soft fabric.

8. Magic Bore

magic bore

Made by British clay shooter Mike Bartlett, a long, 12 or 20-bore rod is wrapped in cleaning material, with a custom-made phosphor bronze brush on the end that is tipped with a rounded, plastic end to avoid touching the inside of your barrel with any metal parts. At the other end of the rod is an aluminum handle so you never have to directly touch the rod, meaning you will stay clean throughout the gun-cleaning process.

9. John Shooter Traditional Shotgun Cleaning kit

john shooter kit

This shotgun care kit from John Shooter is made from distressed tan leather, held closed by 3mm leather straps with thick brass buckles. Inside is a removable leather bag held in place by Velcro, and a complete cleaning kit comprising a three-piece rod, jag, mop, oil and brush.

10. ShootGear gunslip


This gunslip from new company ShootGear has been carefully thought through. The outer is constructed to make the slip waterproof, lightweight and durable. It is lined with foam to offer protection to your gun and carry hands and shoulder strap make it easy and versatile to carry. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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