The Krieghoff Classic 2012

 The annual Krieghoff Classic is the jewel in the crown of the DTL calendar, and can owe its phenomenal success to a number of factors. 

The clue is in the name really, Krieghoff’s sponsorship of the event, organised by Alan Rhone and supported by the factory adds real gravitas, and the commitment shown by Krieghoff to the event is an indication of just how highly regarded the British DTL market is by the German manufacturer.  There are few shoots anywhere in the world that offer the kind of payout on offer over the five days of this festival of shooting, with an opportunity for the overall winner to become a factory sponsored shooter.

The format is a winner as well, the Wednesday being practice, followed by a 100 bird competition on Thursday, while on Friday things start getting serious with the Lucky Numbers event. This sees 100 targets shot with a draw made at the end of the day to see who goes through to have a chance at winning the cash prizes. For those who aren’t familiar with how it works it really is very simple: Numbers are drawn out and if say a 7 is drawn then all those whose score finishes with a 7 i.e. 287, 297 etc take part in a shoot off in their class to find the 4 finalists (plus a wild card finalist) to go head to head for the money. This offers a real chance for the shooters from the lower classes to get a share of the £3,000 prize fund, with C class shots having taking the honours for the last two years. 

The climax though is of course the two days of the main event, each producing a finalist to battle it out in front of the crowds for the ultimate prize in DTL. 

Another key piece of the jigsaw is the venue at Mid Wales, the ground is always very well presented and the staff on site led by Jonathan and Arthur Williams always manage to make it one of the friendliest events of the year. A real party atmosphere always prevails even if the Welsh weather does occasionally try its best to upset things!  That unpredictable weather though can make for a very interesting event, and in past years heavy rain and high winds have at times meant that the daily finals can see a few form book surprises which adds to its appeal 

There are however limited entries this year to ensure everything goes to time. The shoot will not start until 10am each day and entries will be limited as follows:

 Thursday 240 entries

Friday  360 entries

Sat/Sun  480 entries

 So make sure you get your entries in early!

All in all it adds up to a package that’s hard to beat and with entries now open, expect this year’s entry to make it another memorable event, though don’t forget that the date has moved a week later this year because of the changes to the Bank Holiday. The action kicks off on Wednesday 30th May through to Sunday 3rd June, click here for more info.  See you there!


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