Morgan, Jones and Coxhead top the DTL Weekend

Phil Morgan, Elis Jones and Austin Coxhead shared the honours at the 2017 DTL Weekend at Bywell.

Phil Morgan took the top spot on the Sponsored day, kicking off the big weekend.

Both he and Austin Coxhead put in 300s, but it was Magic Morgan who came out on top in the shoot-off.

Austin needn’t have worried… his time would come.

Only one 300 would appear on the scoreboard for the Dougall Memorial, and that was from 20 year old Welshman, Elis Jones.

Phil Morgan was hoping that it would be at least be a 3 day Celtic, if not Welsh-fest, and with Colin Lewis holding the top of the leaderboard for much of the English Open, it looked as if he might get his wish. Scores were high, but not perfect, as Bywell is always a challenge in high winds, and 298s eventually came in from Ian Douglas, Mark Delf and Austin.  The tough conditions brought the shoot-off down to Mark and Austin early on, and the two went head to head all the way to sudden death.  Eventually, it was Austin who would come out as the 2017 English Open Champion –his first title of 2017.

There was a spectacular show in the categories, as Izzy Thurnell picked up two of the weekend’s Colt titles, and Morgan Williams picking up the third.  Owen Vining and the incredible Elis Jones shared out the Junior titles, while the Veterans Gerald Sweet, Mike Milne and Jim Sheffield; and Ladies Leanne Powell, Derville Gilmartin and Emma Holden also picked up some impressive silverware.


For a full report see the Summer issue of Clay Shooting Magazine.


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