Martin Myers claims the Classic – Clay Shooting Classic Sporting final results

The list of names that travelled to High Lodge for the final day of the Clay Shooting Classic Sporting had a tough task with Martin Myers’ 146ex-150 looking rather intimidating, but people like Mark Winser, Scott Greenfield, Sam Green and Stuart Rudling are not known to back down from a challenge.

IMG_7774The first person to post a threatening score was Martin Doughty with 72 on the Red course. And top international shooter Andras Szerdahelyi went one better for 73, though the tougher Blue course was still to come for both.

Mark Winser dropped seven on Blue, immediately putting himself out of contention for the top prize, but he still could take home a Zoli shotgun should he straight the Red course, however, that would prove to be a tough task.

Throughout the day, a host of shooters finished on 140 to potentially force a shoot-off in AAA-class for the Akkar shotgun and several prizes from Edgar Brothers. But when Mark returned 73 on Red, he went one better than the crowd.

Meanwhile, no one came close to beating Martin Myers for the High Gun prize or the Runner Up score from Andy Moon.


Cheryl Hall’s 134 from earlier survived a challenge from several top Ladies, but would ultimately prove too strong and her closest rival was Janine White on 129.

Andrew Harvison scored 135, which tied for first in A-class, but while he lost the shoot-off against Ian Schwier, he did enough to win the Veterans category.

Taylor Hedgecock and Peter Goldsmith put a new tied high score in the Juniors, but were beaten by Jake Moore’s 136 by three targets. Henry Bevan was the top Colt with 114.

To download the full results, click here.

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12 comments on “Martin Myers claims the Classic – Clay Shooting Classic Sporting final results
  1. Dave H says:

    Will there be a breakdown of class winners and prizes anywhere and how to claim your prizes

    • Huw Hopkins says:

      There have been breakdowns of the prize fund published in each magazine and online in the run up to the event. There was also a prize list available at the Classic, and winners will be contacted.

  2. James says:

    Who won the pool shoots

  3. John Eagleson says:

    There seems to be a problem downloading the full results.
    I can’t see passed a score of 114.
    If I had scored higher than this I wouldn’t be adding this comment

    • John Eagleson says:

      Sorry it took so long to download I thought it was faulty but I now have the full document.

    • Huw Hopkins says:

      Hi John,

      No one here in the office seems to be sharing the same problems as you. We’re not sure what to suggest, might it be an issue with your computer?

  4. James says:

    Hew hi

    Can a list of pool shoot winners be posted on here ? I would like to see who has won , I know it won’t be me but I am interested to see the winners as I’m sure would many others


  5. James says:

    Also a big congratulations to Mr Myers on a brilliant score (with someone else’s gun ) and the win

    Well done

  6. Frank wordsworth says:

    Can you send me a list of all class winners at the shooting classic 2016 at high lodge shooting ground please

  7. James says:

    Just a question to all you shooters out there!!!!

    Martin won with another gun , not his , I know it was his stock but does this prove that if you are good enough it does not matter what gun you use so forget about changing guns just get your stock fitted and carry on smoking them clays

    • Will Baker says:

      Once the gun fits you properly, it’s all down the one pulling the trigger. We all have different preferences re cartridges and makes of gun etc but none of that really matters as long as you point the gun in the right place for your chosen set up. Obviously some cartridges are slower than others and some guns handle differently and have faster mechanics. But as long as you are comfortable with your setup and get out there practicing and conquering the mental game that clay shooting is, then you can go far.
      As the the saying goes, a bad workman blames his tools. Even if the tools are at fault, you are still responsible for choosing the right ones for you and getting used to using them!!

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