Edgar Brothers, Zoli, Eley Hawk and Akkar join Clay Shooting Classic 2016

The Clay Shooting Classic is the best value for money competition in the UK and is always a highlight of the year. The show will go on the road to Suffolk for the first time on 15-18 June, and the most prestigious sponsors – Edgar Brothers, Zoli, Eley Hawk, Promatic and Akkar – will join us.


SSD LogoEdgar Brothers

Entering its fourth year sponsoring the Clay Shooting Classic, the team at Edgar Brothers has increased its support of the Sporting community with the renewed backing of Zoli, which will be presented to the top two shooters. But on top of that, the company is upping its contribution to the class and category winners, and Akkar shotguns will feature as part of the prizes. In total, Edgar Brothers will be providing £21,000 to the prize fund.

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Over the past few years, Zoli has exploded onto the British market thanks to the top quality craftsmanship from Italy that goes into making them, and the marketing expertise of Edgar Brothers. Shooters are seeing what the high performance brand is able to offer with massive success across in the hands of of Becky McKenzie, Stuart Clarke, Phil Bailey and Taylor Hedgecock in Sporting, plus Ben Llewellin in Olympic Skeet.

There will be a Z-Sport High Rib worth £6,354 or a Kronos worth £4,595 in the prize fund.

Eley Hawk

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The British brand spent years supporting the Clay Shooting Classic, but after two years away it has now returned with the biggest contribution of cartridges to the prize fund since Eley Hawk last sponsored the competition in 2013.

It has been one of the elite names in shooting since 1828 when the Eley brothers began the company. In 2002 the Maxam Group took over the company and today the British branch uses Maxam powders to ensure the highest quality.

Each class and category will be bolstered by 16,000 of the company’s best products and the prize fund will be nearly £3,500 richer.


This brand is new to the UK,but it was first established in 1989, and since then Akkar has separated itself from the list of Turkish gunmakers to become a market leader in quality and product development.

Famous for the three-barelled Triple Crown models, the Double Crowns are now being imported by Edgar Brothers and they follow the Brescia style but being Turkish they boast beautiful wood that is far superior to what the price point would suggest. The matte bluing on the barrels matches the action to create an attractive Sporter. Expect to see more of these flooding the country over the coming years.



Populating the ground will be Promatic traps and clays in keeping with the 24-year-long tradition. The trap manufacturer has been a big part of the competition since its inception and long may the partnership continue – it is one of the reasons the event has become so popular as each course runs reliably with any breakdowns or changes sorted efficiently by the on-site personnel. By providing traps and a maintenance team on site free of charge, Promatic ensures that costs remain low at the Clay Shooting Classic, therfore providing the best value for shooters at a major competition.

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