400 targets and a guaranteed £20,000 prize fund: How the Clay Shooting Classic DTL will run

Three days, 400 targets and over £20,000 in prizes – the Clay Shooting Classic DTL weekend promises to be the most exciting new event in the Down The Line calendar.


On 26-28 August at Bywell Shooting Ground, shooters will arrive in droves to take on the Classic Doubles event of 50 DR (100 targets) and the Classic Down The Line warm-up on Friday (100 DTL), then the main Clay Shooting Classic DTL competition on Saturday and Sunday (100 clays each day) to make up the Bywell 400. There will be prizes and cash galore given away across classes, categories, in side events, big-money shoot-offs, and giveaways just for turning up – so what are you waiting for? Entries are open now, download the entry form here.

Day one – Classic Doubles (50 pair Double Rise), Classic Down The Line (100 DTL): £35 each

Day two – Clay Shooting Classic DTL (1) (100 DTL): £88

Day three – Clay Shooting Classic DTL (2) (100 DTL), Perazzi Super Shoot-Off (25 DTL): pre-paid


To get in shape for the big event, shooters are invited to the ground on Friday to warm up, but there is still an element of competition to proceedings on multiple levels.

DSCF8711Clay Shooting magazine has put £500 on the top step of the podium of a Classic Down The Line 100-target competition to get people in the right frame of mind but there will also be the Classic Doubles 50 pairs of DR with £500 for the High Gun. Bywell will open rotations at 10.45am and 1pm first, then open up space at 9.30am and 3pm when the first squads fill up. There will only be 100 spaces available in the Classic Doubles competition.

Friday also marks the start of the Bywell 400, which comprises every target shot over three days (100 DTL and 50 DR on Friday, then 100 DTL on Saturday and 100 DTL on Sunday). Proprietor of Bywell Shooting Ground Allan Henry has kindly contributed £500 to the prize pot: £100 each for the winners of the four classes, with an extra £100 for the class winner with the highest score. This provides an extra incentive to join us on the Friday and take on the warm-up events.

Saturday and Sunday

The Clay Shooting Classic DTL kicks off on Saturday at 9.30am with the first wave of shooters taking on its first 100 targets of the main two-day competition. Each shooter will start on the same peg, squad and time both days, and only the layouts will change. Sunday will see a further 100 DTL shot by each competitor in a nail-biting race for the best total out of 200/600 over the two days. Each class winner will take home £250 with guaranteed cash going down to fifth place, and there will also be guaranteed cash going down to third in Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Colts.

The highest scoring class winner will be awarded the High Gun prize of £1,000 and be the first person to engrave their name on the new Clay Shooting Classic DTL trophy.


Perazzi Super Shoot-Off

The Perazzi Super Shoot-Off line-up will include each of the class winners AA-C, but there will be a fifth invitation extended to one of the category winners. The top shooters from the Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Colts will go up against each other in a round of 25 DTL, and the person with the best score will advance to the final for a shot at the Perazzi High Tech and a three-year sponsorship.

Each of the finalists will receive an exclusive Perazzi watch worth £450. These timepieces are rarely seen in the UK and will be the talk of the Trap circuit for a long time. 

Scores will be reset to zero and another round of 25 DTL will take place to crown the winner. Should this champion be unable to accept the gun, RUAG Ammotec will exchange the shotgun for £4,000 cash.


It’s all to play for

All Clay Shooting Classic competitions are shot in classes. Prize funds for Ladies, Juniors and Veterans are in addition to the main prize fund and are provided by sponsors. The rule is straightforward: if you qualify and shoot the highest score, you win the prize – you don’t have to nominate what category you wish to compete in. The Classic prize structure rewards merit – so if you win something extra by virtue of your age or sex, you won’t be penalised.

Each class winner will take home the £250 cash prize, but the one with the highest score at the competition will win an extra £1,000 and the Classic trophy. If a category champion also wins the class, they will be entitled to both cash payouts. Each class winner will enter the Perazzi Super Shoot-Off, which will guarantee him or her the additional prize of a Perazzi watch at least. If someone wins their class and category, the next highest score in the category will shoot-off for a place in the Perazzi Super Shoot-Off against the other category representatives.

In this spirit, we want to make sure that Ladies of all ages join us, that Veterans over 60 take part, that Juniors shoot their hearts out, but also that Colts take part in the Clay Shooting Classic DTL on 26-28 August. There are cash prize funds for all.


The Clay Shooting Classic DTL costs just £88 for the main 200-bird competition on Saturday and Sunday. In comparison, the English Open is £49 for 100 targets, the Krieghoff DTL is £105 for its 200-bird two-day event, so the Classic DTL offers incredible value for money at one of the world’s finest Trap grounds.

Friday’s events are £35 each, which means if you want to try your luck at the Bywell 400, you will spend a total of £158, which makes it 45p per clay at a major competition – what a bargain.

To enter, download the form by clicking here, or call Bywell Shooting Ground on 01670 787827.

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