Why the long barrels

Q I currently use a 28” Skeet gun with mixed success – I’ve noticed that you and some of the other top Skeet shots are using 32” barrelled guns. What are the benefits of using longer barrels?
Ben Hartleson, Stoke

A The reason I use 32” is because I find longer barrels more pointable and smoother – they are much easier to control than shorter barrelled Skeet guns. My barrels are also ported, which helps to reduce recoil and it reduces muzzle flip, which in turn makes for a much smoother movement and improved target acquisition when shooting the second target of any pair in Skeet.

When looking to change your gun, you must consider your personal size and build. Not everyone can manage a 32” gun, so if you’re unsure what’s right for you then get some advice from an instructor on the right barrel-gun combination for you. Dave Beardsmore

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