The Game’s a mind field

Q I simply have lost confidence in my shooting and don’t know how to get it back, can you offer any suggestions?
Joshua Brennan, Birmingham

A Confidence may be the most misunderstood of all performance principles. The short of it now is that nearly everyone gets the idea of confidence in performance completely wrong.
The principle is to never make confidence dependent on anything. You don’t have to have a good practice to have a good tournament, or shoot well one day to shoot well another day. One day’s good or poor performance has no effect on the outcome of any future performance, unless you choose to let it.
I have mentioned before some of what I believe are ‘common knowledge myths’ in shooting and one of the worst is this or some variation of it – you are only as good as your last performance – this is terrible performance thinking.
The myths make confidence unnecessarily complicated and elusive. You get confidence from learning and preparation, after that being confident is a choice, it’s simple, just choose to be confident. Mark Brownlee

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