Stepping out of your comfort zone

Q I always liked shooting at different grounds and this was never a problem until I found myself ‘not liking’ certain targets – mostly when I missed them. Now I have settled on a few local grounds but I know I need to stretch myself if I’m going to improve – what can you suggest?
Toby Leonard, Harrow
A It seems the longer people are involved in shooting the more judgments and opinions they have about the sport. I suppose this is natural but the danger in doing this is they may lose track of the essence – the challenge of developing the mind and body to shoot and have fun.
This gradual drifting away from the essence of shooting mostly has to do with ego and a concern – almost desperation – with winning. The complaining about targets is usually a disguise for poor performance and an attempt to deflect blame from oneself to something else to protect the ego. If you love shooting, why on earth would you start to dislike any targets? Forget judging the targets and just enjoy making an effort to shoot each one as well as you can – the more variety of targets you shoot the better you will get. Mark Brownlee

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