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Q Over the last few months my Skeet scores have been very inconsistent – looking back and trying my best to analyze what’s gone wrong I’ve noticed that the bad days all happened when I’ve arrived late at the ground and shot on an afternoon squad. Is it better to shoot morning or afternoon? What’s the secret?
Jack Dale, Thetford

A There is no secret but there is a lot to consider in regards to inconsistent scores – most of which can only really be solved on the range with a good Skeet coach. However, let’s look at one problem that is often missed and could be the reason why your scores are suffering when you shoot later in the day – tiredness.
Yes, I know what you’re thinking: that’s part of life and most of us get tired for all manner of reasons especially after a hard week at work, a few late nights or maybe a long drive to the shooting ground. But, tiredness can cause occasional cross-dominance and it’s something I’ve seen happen on more than one occasion in my Skeet clinics and it can have a dramatic effect on your scores.
So, think about the targets you missed – High 1, Low 1 or Low 2 perhaps. These are all good indicators when dealing with this problem. Dave Beardsmore

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