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Just wondered if anyone can throw a bit of advice or help my way please? I suffer from green/brown and blue/purple colour blindness. When shooting I am seeing what I am seeing, but I’m wondering if there is a specific lens colour/type that would help me see more if you know what I mean? My main problem is clays against trees/undergrowth, I have trouble picking them out unless they are orange. Thanks, Colin Gothays

56 Pilla Zeiss Sportsman 5 copy

The blue/purple may help. Pilla have invested in their purple lens, the 46N, and it is designed to be a relaxing tint to look through that neutralises the background and helps to bring the target to the fore. Everyone’s visual system is different and if there is a colour deficiency there it can certainly make things interesting.

There isn’t a general answer to this; it’s mainly about finding what works for you. This will either be a ‘try-it-and-see’ exercise by trying your friend’s glasses, or we could assess you and approach it from a more scientific angle, using colour-matching software. Please share your observations as it may help other shooters with similar issues. Ed Lyons


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    I loved this pair of sunglasses

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