Q&A: Will there be a lead gun ban?

Diggory Hadoke, of vintageguns.co.uk believes there is no cause for concern when it comes to banning lead guns, and advises you to keep hold of your classics…

Don’t panic! Keep hold
of your classic guns

Q: I have a pair of best English guns and am increasingly worried about the possibility of a ban on lead shot. Should I sell my guns before a ban comes into force? (Peter Pine, Surrey)

A: Firstly, a lead ban is not a certainty. Norway, Australia and Austria have moved away from lead bans, as evidence, effects and benefits analysis do not appear to make it useful in any meaningful way.

If a ban or partial ban is to be implemented, options exist for minimising the effects on older guns, like exempting guns made before 1939, which represent a small percentage of total output and were made before steel shot proof was introduced.

It is too early to give up on your English guns. Even if a ban is introduced, there are many parts of the world where best English guns will remain attractive to collectors and users. With a ban, initial dumping on the market may depress prices, but I would expect this to right itself in 18 months, so the smart move is to wait and not panic.

It’s also worth noting that the option of non-toxic shot remains, less effective though it is. In the event of a total ban on lead, I would expect ammunition manufacturers to work to plug the gap with a steel load suited to 2½” game guns, as demand will rise massively.

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