Q&A: Optical options for astigmatism

Ophthalmologist, Ed Lyons, explains options for correcting your vision for shooters with a high astigmatism

In the long term, consider whether contacts are the most cost-effective option

Q: I’ve worn my special Duette contact lenses for a few years now and they have been fantastic. However, is it time to start looking for a more suitable and cost-effective alternative? Almost £1,000 a year for lenses makes me think about considering laser eye surgery. I think I’m overdue a check up too. (Nick, via email)

A: Hi Nick. We could certainly look at corrective surgery, though because of your high astigmatism, you’re out of range for laser and in to clear lens exchange territory. This can work well and is commonly performed for cataract patients. You would fall under the private fee tariff and would be looking at £3,000-£4,500 per eye.

Typically, the lenses that are implanted are distance only, and you may then require correction for reading as your eye’s natural focusing system is removed. They can offer monovision, which is one eye corrected for distance and one for reading, but this will reduce (possibly eliminate) your binocular depth perception – and you must ensure they do the correct eye for distance for shooting!

Varifocal implants are also available but are not recommended for shooting for the same reasons. Let’s get you booked in for that check-up.

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