Q&A: Keeping a gun in your car

Keeping your gun in a vehicle? It needs to be secure, out of sight, and the vehicle reversed up against a wall to minimise boot access

Q: I want to book up a shooting holiday later in the year, ideally staying in pubs around the west country while visiting various shooting grounds in the area. Seems like an obvious question, but do country pubs offer gun storage? I’m aware that I’m not supposed to leave guns in the car overnight. (Gareth Villers, via email)

A:  A perfectly reasonable question! You’re correct – you should not leave your gun in a car that is out of sight. When travelling with a gun in your car, the advice of my local firearms officer is that if you have no option but to leave it in your car, store the gun in a locked, solid case and take the forend with you and keep it on your person. A stolen gun is no good without it.

Secondly, don’t keep ammunition with your gun if the firearm is left in a car. You say that you’ll be visiting various gun clubs – these will always be able to supply you with shells to shoot.

Finally, if the gun is visible in your car, keep it covered with a towel or a blanket. Ideally lock it in the boot, should your car have one.

Regarding gun storage in local pubs in the West Country, many do offer this service for a small charge. Best to plan which gun clubs you’re intending to visit, call them and ask for recommendations of gun-friendly pubs in the vicinity.

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