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Q How should I deal with distractions when I am shooting?
Kiera Bell, Margate

A That depends on when you are distracted; if the distraction is during the process of taking your shot, then you train yourself to totally ignore it. You can put yourself into a bubble or ‘zone’ where noises and happenings cannot penetrate.
It takes between 5-10 seconds to take one shot, so the question you need to ask is, ‘Can I concentrate for those few seconds whilst it’s my turn to shoot?’ The answer must be ‘yes’. If not, then you need to start practising those few seconds of concentration – not just in shooting but with other things as well.
If the distraction is between shots, that is not a problem; there is no need to concentrate at those times. You only need to be fully focused for the few seconds that you’re shooting.
One way to desensitise yourself to distractions, is to have your mates stand behind you when you’re shooting and ask them to make as much noise as they can. Or have a CD playing with annoying sounds or music – you soon learn to ignore it all and focus on the clay. Lesley Goddard

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