How to get sponsored in clay shooting (pt 2 – tips from shooters)

Recently we showed you a step by step approach on how to get sponsorship deals as you embark on a clay shooting career.

Now that we’ve covered the plan, we have tips from those who have done it themselves!

Ami Hedgecock

  • Awarded CPSA Emerging Shooter of the Year 2019.
  • Sponsors: Laporte-CPC, Eley Hawk, GMK, Sam Green, Robert Newsham – The Royal Oak Team.

I wouldn’t be able to achieve at the level I am now without sponsorship. Support with clays from Laporte CPC and cartridges from Eley have made competitive shooting affordable.

I put a lot of effort into shooting, but also into social media and the way that I conduct myself at shoots. These three things have really helped me to gain sponsorship and develop further with my sponsors. 

Never feel too much pressure. Everybody makes mistakes from time to time, so my approach is to be open and honest about any that I do make.

Emma Parkinson

  • Lady International English Skeet Champion, currently ranked No.1 in the CPSA rankings.
  • Sponsores: Eley Hawk, Ed Lyons, Le Chameau, Manuel Ricardo

For more info on Le Chameau, just click here:

Never be afraid to approach people – you have absolutely nothing to lose. Get up the courage to have a chat with them at any big event and let them know what you do.

Try to be as active as possible on social media, and don’t be shy to let your personality come across. Always tag the brands you are using, because they will notice and appreciate it.

Make sure to associate yourself with companies who genuinely care about you and not just themselves. All of my sponsors welcome feedback and are really concerned about my happiness and their products and services.

Leah Southall

  • DTL England Squad and CPSA Young Shot of the Year 2019 nominee.
  • Sponsors: Laporte-CPC, GMK, Eley Hawk, Ed Lyons, MacWet, Cens Digital.

I had quite a big social media presence and I believe this exposure helped me to attract sponsors.  I was always posting when I was training and competing.

Present yourself really well at competitions, and around shooting grounds generally. You just never know who is going to be there to take notice. 

If you are seen as a responsible ambassador for the sport, then brands will want to work with you. 

Remember to be friendly and polite, even if you are having a bad day!

Lucy Hall

  • GBR Olympic Trap Shooter.
  • Sponsors: GMK, Eley Hawk, Promatic, Manuel Ricardo, Corsivia, Pilla

Hard work, dedication and results are required before you start to look for sponsorship. But there’s more to it than just winning – they want athletes who are true ambassadors for the sport.

You have to have commitment and believe in yourself. If you show confidence and creative a shooting CV, then the sponsors will start to believe in you too.

It can be really hard, but you have to put yourself out there. if you fail initially, then try to get feedback, act on it and try again. Don’t give up trying!

Steve Clark

  • Champion shot, sponsored shooter and brand ambassador.
  • Sponsors: Eley Hawk, GMK, CJC Developments.

Keep banging in those good scores. Sponsors are not bothered by a drop in form, but work hard to get back up there as quickly as possible. 

Be respectful to the people who have helped you so far. Always carry yourself in an appropriate manner and dress smartly.

If things go wrong, talk. Be upfront. Sponsors are there to help, which is why they are sponsoring you.

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