Vic Harker

REVIEW: Making an Impact – the Caesar Guerini Invictus Impact Sporter 1

Vic Harker is impressed by the versatility of Caesar Guerini’s latest Invictus Impact Sporter

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Bob Braithwaite’s gold-medal shotguns – own a piece of history

Vic Harker explains the importance of the Browning C3 and D5 up for sale at Holt’s Auctioneers on 30 June

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A tale of two Blasers – the brand new F16 Sporter

Vic Harker is among the first in the country to review the all-new Blaser F16 shotgun

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TESTED: The Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo – a curvaceous beauty

Read Vic Harker’s review of the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo Sporter from earlier this year

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Vic Harker tested the brand new Blaser F3 Vantage

Read the full review here, then get your Blaser from Chris Potter Country Sports in Kent

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Gun test: Zoli Kronos Sporter

Vic Harker tests this refined and easy-to-handle Sporter from Italian shotgun manufacturer Zoli

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Perazzi HPX RSR Ultimate Combo

Vic Harker tests the Perazzi two-barrel set with the Jeffries’ Reverse Slope Rib

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The pattern to succeed

While the serious target shooter may agonise about stock dimensions, barrel length and so on, what is often forgotten is the importance of ballistics, that is except for the very best of them.

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Onwards & Upwards

The Italian maker Guerini continues to maintain its market share in the UK based on quality of manufacture and presentation at prices that compete favourably with their competitors. The new Summit Ascent Trap model is no exception, and also has

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A Classic Krieghoff

The Krieghoff over and under, which has its origins in the USA and was extensively redesigned in Germany, has now received the attentions of the British

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