Semi-Auto FITASC

Q I shot FITASC for the first time recently with my Remington 3200 over-and-under – are semi-autos ok to use for this discipline?
Mervyn Moylan, via

A The rules of FITASC state: ’all hunting shotguns, including semi-automatics (except for pump-action shotguns), are permitted provided that the calibre does not exceed 12-gauge, with a minimum barrel length of 66 cm’.

Ammunition must not exceed 28 gram load and the use of dispersers or re-loaded cartridges is not permitted.

In some other disciplines, where shooters are ranged in adjacent firing positions, the ejection of empty cases from a semi-auto falling in front of the next shooter can be very distracting, but FITASC shooters are on their own and do not cause that distraction. Chris Miles

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