Gun Test: Browning 725 Pro Trap

Vic Harker is impressed with the Browning 725 Pro Trap, which provides gun fit options for both stock fit and pattern placement

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7 of the best new guns and gear

With the gift-giving season fast approaching, we’ve rounded up 7 of 2017’s must-have guns and gear releases from the world’s leading manufacturers. Hand picked by our very own team, we’ve tried and tested these all new releases and they’re all

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Gun Test: Krieghoff Special Trap

The Krieghoff Special Trap is a full weight K-80, but not too heavy for any form of going-away clays, as Vic Harker found out. Tech specs Maker: Krieghoff Model: K-80 Trap Special Bore size: 12 Barrels length: 30in Action: Coil

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Cartridge testing: Sovereigns and VIPs

We have two premium grade clay target loads to examine today: one with fibre and the other using a plastic wad. Eley Hawk VIP Sporting Shot load: 430 grains Pellet (count per oz): 425 UK shot (size / CV): <7.5

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A blast of magic

Magic Bore was developed to remove heavy fouling now found in bigger barrel diameters, so Richard Atkins was keen to discover how it worked Gunmakers have been the most inventive of people, developing new products in an effort to give

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WIN! Seeland clothing and tuition package worth £300!

Seeland have put together a prize worth shooting for, but all you have to do is spot the difference

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Brattonsound offers the world with new gunsafe

The Atlas continues to build quality shotgun storage

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The top 10 guns of 2016

Check out the best shotguns we reviewed this past year

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Load and launch – clays and traps to suit all shooters

We would be nowhere without the traps and clays that course setters use to create fun and challenging competitions around the country. Launchers come in all shapes and sizes, from the big names like Promatic and Laporte, to those that

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REVIEW: Perazzi High Tech Sporter S – Beyond definition

Vic Harker can’t quite pin down why the Perazzi High Tech Sporter S is so successful

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