Gun design secrets: how subtle differences improve shooting

Some shooters don’t realise that the subtle variances between the major shotgun makers are more than just different branding logos, so Vic Harker explains some of the design characteristics

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5 Shoulder strengtheners to protect you from recoil

Keeping your muscles strong and flexible is essential for any physical activity. The upper body, specifically our torso and shoulders, are incredibly important when it comes to shooting posture and your ability to withstand consistent recoil and maintaining the weight

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Gun Test: Krieghoff Special Trap

The Krieghoff Special Trap is a full weight K-80, but not too heavy for any form of going-away clays, as Vic Harker found out. Tech specs Maker: Krieghoff Model: K-80 Trap Special Bore size: 12 Barrels length: 30in Action: Coil

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Cartridge testing: Sovereigns and VIPs

We have two premium grade clay target loads to examine today: one with fibre and the other using a plastic wad. Eley Hawk VIP Sporting Shot load: 430 grains Pellet (count per oz): 425 UK shot (size / CV): <7.5

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A blast of magic

Magic Bore was developed to remove heavy fouling now found in bigger barrel diameters, so Richard Atkins was keen to discover how it worked Gunmakers have been the most inventive of people, developing new products in an effort to give

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Ask the expert: Choosing a choke

Trap circuit coach Leslie Goddard shares her insight into the minutiae of choke and shell choices.

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Shot glasses

VIDEO: Watch Huw Hopkins fire a 7.5 shot cartridges at several major shooting eyewear brands – will they stand up to the test?

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GunMotion for DryFire

GunMotion for DryFire simulator software enhances shooting clays and game from your own home

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Beady eye

Clay Shooting teams up with Steve Lovatt to field test eye dominance products and see if they actually work

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Moving On

Noting the important introduction of fibre wads, Tim Woodhouse weighs up the features and benefits in the 21-gram load

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