Modern Greats

Interview: Bad Boy Ben Husthwaite

Laura Strachan sat down with the mighty Ben Husthwaite to ask all those questions you wish you could…

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Gun design secrets: how subtle differences improve shooting

Some shooters don’t realise that the subtle variances between the major shotgun makers are more than just different branding logos, so Vic Harker explains some of the design characteristics

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Interview: Ronnie Green

With the premier young shots trophy in his cabinet, and an array of other championships an accolades in the books, Ronnie Green explains to photographer Huw Hopkins how he is on track for clay shooting superstardom…

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Man on fire – how royalty in the UAE changed Britain’s Olympic-medal future

In this new Olympic year, we revisit Vic Harker’s interview with Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, Olympic Double Trap prodigy and coach to British Olympic gold medallists Peter Wilson and Steve Scott

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Faulds puts his feet up

Richard Faulds announces official retirement from competitive clay shooting

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The Outside Bet

Vic Harker recounts the Giovanni Cernogoraz story: a man who beat all the odds to become an Olympic Champion

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America’s Golden Girl

The sheer precocity of this month’s Modern Great, Kimberly Rhode, has already guaranteed her a place among clay target shootings greatest champions, writes Vic Harker.

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